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10 Things You Should Not Do in a Hot Tub

A List of 'Don'ts' for Hot Tubs and Spas


If you're lucky enough to own a hot tub or spa, then you probably know all the things you should and shouldn't do in and around the tub, like issues of safety, care and maintenance.

Or do you? What's the highest temperature the water can be set at? Is it OK to have two glasses of wine, but no more? A little sand tracked into the tub won't hurt, right? Will kids be fine in the hot tub as long as an adult is somewhere around? Better read up, then post this list of Hot Tub Don'ts on the fridge.

1. Don't Let Sand or Dirt Get Into the Hot Tub

It could mess up the filter, among other things. Do, however, take steps to prevent the intrusion of sand and dirt into the spa. I

2. Don't Enter if You Have an Open Sore

Persons with open sores or any type of infection should not use the spa. The hot water is an ideal environment for spreading infection, especially if sanitizer levels are not properly maintained.

3. Don't Use Alcohol or Drugs

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but drinking and hot tubbing are not a good mix. Despite all of those movies scenes we've seen with characters cavorting in hot tubs with a bottle or glass of their favorite beverage in hand, physicians don't recommend it. Sports stars and politicians have been known to imbibe while entertaining in a spa, but that doesn't mean we should follow their example. Same with medications -- check with your doctor before soaking in extremely hot water while taking a prescription.

4. Don't Raise Your Water Temperature Above 104°

Keep your spa water temperature no higher than 104°F. Higher temperatures can place undue strain on the cardiovascular system. Be sure to accurately monitor the temperature.

5. Don't Let Children Use the Hot Tub Alone

Children must not be permitted to use the spa without

6. Don't Open the Electrical Box

There are no user serviceable parts inside.

7. Don't Jump or Dive Into a Hot Tub

Regardless of its size, never jump or dive into a spa or hot tub. Climb in carefully; do not allow any horseplay.

8. Don't Use a Spa or Hot Tub That Doesn't Have a Compliant Drain Cover

You may have or have not read much about anti-entrapment drain covers, which every public swimming pool, spa and hot tub in the United States is supposed to have been equipped with by December 20, 2008, and every residential pool, spa or hot tub should have installed. Familizarize yourself with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, compliant drain covers, and ongoing issues.

9. Don't Use the Hot Tub During a Storm

Never use your spa during extreme weather conditions (i.e. electrical storms, tornados, hurricanes etc.)

10. Don't Forget to Check the List of Do's

Print out this list and the list of hot tub and spa do's and post on the refrigerator or near the spa.

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