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Halloween Outdoor Decorations: Set of Three Staked Yard Ghosts

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set of three ghosts from Grandin Road Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

The Bottom Line

Sure, you could easily make some ghosts for your yard. Just use a balloon, styrofoam or other roundish object for a head, attach it to a wooden dowel or board, stake it on your premises, throw a white sheet over it all -- and voila -- you've got ghosts!

I'm capable of whipping up a ghost or two, and so are you. But who has time? That's why it's luxuriously convenient to get some ready-to-go ghosts like these from Grandin Road. That way, you can have all your fun decorating each year instead of DIYing.

In a nutshell: the ghosts are worth buying. Halloween decorating is supposed to be enjoyable -- not another chore.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick to set up for yard display
  • Lightweight, as ghosts should be


  • Material easily comes unglued from ghost form and will need reattaching


  • Set of three yard ghosts
  • Quick assembly
  • Lightweight; made of weather resistant plastic and other materials

Guide Review - Halloween Outdoor Decorations: Set of Three Staked Yard Ghosts

When you remove this ghostly trio from their box, you might wonder why they resemble giant lollipops. Their basic anatomy is really quite simple: The lightweight plastic oval head is attached to an aluminum pole, which then fits into the pointed-end stake that is driven into the ground. Lightweight white material is attached to the other ghosts at the corners, giving the appearance of a spirited hand-holding ceremony in your outdoor living space.

While these could be a quick DIY project, it certainly would be convenient to have this easy-to-assemble group on hand to quickly add to your yard display each year without having to worry about gathering materials together year after year to create yet another group of ghosts. In other words, these entities will be lying in wait for you each October, ready to gallavant across your ghostly landscape for a week or so.

Update for 2010: This year, the set of three ghosts have faces and are tricked-out with color-changing lights. They also have been updated with a weather-resistant plastic, in addition to the lightweight, ethereal ghost fabric. Batteries are not included.

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