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Elegant Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Party, Porch and Yard

Summon Those Halloween Spirits for Your Outdoor Display


Need decorating ideas for your Halloween party, porch or yard? Not everyone gets a thrill from the gruesome and grisly side of Halloween. For those who prefer a more elegant, eerie and even historical style of Halloween decor, take a look at what the designers at Roger's Gardens in Orange County, California, have created for their popular annual Halloween display.

Every year, the high-end garden and home decor center in Newport Beach stages its Halloween decorations and fall plants around a theme, often with a fictional story behind it. A recurring favorite is the creepy collection of spinster Madeline Havenhurst, who lives at 13 Blackbird Lane, ca 1909. While Madeline has gone "missing," her macabre magician-brother, Morris, has taken possession of the basement in her house, where he's proved to be a curious experimenter, hoarder and all-around peculiar guy. Another year featured demented toys in a haunted toy factory, while the following year set the stage for a back-alley theater with some sinister goings-on.

While we all can't execute porch decorations or a Halloween party theme on such a professional scale, the annual displays at Roger's Gardens are meant to inspire visitors. The take-away? Hunt around in the basement or attic for some vintage props, then get some spray paint, a glue gun, create some characters and a macabre theme -- and let your imagination run wild. Make it sophisticated by using only a few colors, and pay attention to details like textures, lighting and decorating the whole space -- overhead, at eye level and on the ground with safety in mind. Keep it interesting, elegant and fun without being too busy.

Enjoy our tour and delight in every devilish detail.

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