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Award-Winning Ornamental Millet 'Purple Majesty'

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The purple millet's flower spikes are often used in floral arrangements.

Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor
This tall, dark and extremely good looking purple-leaved millet is a gold medal award-winning plant from the prestigious All-American Winners. Young plants start out with green leaves; direct sunlight induces the purple leaf color. The plants are known for their nearly foot-long tubular flower spikes. 'Purple Majesty' can reach up to 5 feet tall, is easy to grow and is very tolerant of heat and dry conditions.

Millet 'Purple Majesty' can be grown from seed and thrives in partial to full sun. Leaves start out green with a red center stripe, with the green later changing to a deep purple. Sunny locations will intensify the purple pigment.

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