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Roger's Gardens Halloween Display

Evil awaits: Mad Madeline's Manor

Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
That wild-eyed woman in mourning apparel is a tip-off that evil was just around the corner. Roger's Gardens, an Orange County, California-based home and garden shop / design center, features an annual Halloween party decoration event featuring Halloween-appropriate plants, props, decorations, treasures, antiques and one-of-a-kind merchandise.

This particular event featured unusual items -- like a player piano -- for sale, to get ideas from, and just enjoy. Besides incorporating their plants and containers into the exhibit, Roger's design team manages to pull off a sense of mystery and macabre without stomach-churning gore or gimmecky animatronics.

Visitors appear fascinated, looking up, down and all around; you hear more exclamations of "oooh" and "hey, look over here!" than monster-in-your-face screams. This is an especially smart idea if your Halloween entertaining will include children. You know, those short people in funny costumes who ring your doorbell on October 31st?

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