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Decorating for Halloween: Outdoors Edition

Show Your Spirit by Decorating Outside Your Home for Halloween


Decorating outdoors for Halloween is contagious: a few pumpkins and scarecrows pop up in September, and store shelves are stuffed with all sorts of new and fun decorations. Pretty soon, your'e setting out pumpkins and chrysanthemums on your porch steps, and thinking about turning your entryway into a door of doom.

Outside halloween decorations have become so popular that neighbors try to outdo one another with spooky yard props and transforming their ordinary houses and yards into haunted houses. Halloween is one holiday that doesn't require gift-giving, encourages costume-wearing and includes all ages.

Halloween Decorating Idea Gallery from World-Famous Roger's Gardens

Roger's Gardens Halloween Busts
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

The world-famous Roger's Gardens in Orange County, California, conjures up a decorating feast for Halloween each year, centered around a theme. Take a look at three years of their beautiful and creative displays of fall plants, pumpkins, garden antiques and Halloween collectibles.

DIY Halloween Yard Haunt: Before and After

picture of dave gugel haunted house mummy
Photo © Dave Gugel

Halloween yard haunts have replaced full-size candy bars as the big draw in neighborhoods across the United States and other places that celebrate Halloween. Nobody knows this better than Dave Gugel, an extreme DIYer and former Disney designer who started transforming his home seven years ago for an annual Halloween party.

Watch as Gugel uses his do-it-yourself skills to transform his tract home into an amazing haunted house. Many pictures reveal before and after views of various projects, like a graveyard, pumpkin scarecrow, and the facade of his house.

Halloween Decorations That are More Flair Than Scare

picture of pumpkins on front porch
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

When it comes time to decorate for Halloween, not everyone goes for the gore. If your style is more elegant, eerie, retro, humorous or even cute, there's no reason to allow spewing monsters and worm-infested ghouls to scare you back into your house until after Halloween.

How to Make Floating Ghosts

picture of ghosts in yard
Photo © Lisa H. Taylor
If you're creative or feeling ambitious, you can make your own ghosts, following directions from Sherry Osborne, About.com's Guide to Family Crafts or others on the web. Or, you can do what I did, and save yourself some time and hassle by just using premade ghosts, like these fairly simple and easy-to-assemble spirits I reviewed from Grandin Road. I liked having the ghostly trio all there and ready to go, so I could focus on my flying trickery.

'Eerie Elegance' Author Shares Secrets for Halloween Party Decor

eerie elegance author britta peterson
Photo courtesy of Eerie Elegance

Have you hit a 'dead end' when it comes to decorating your yard for Halloween? Britta Peterson, Webmistress of the Dark, guides you through Halloween prop design and party planning in her book, Eerie Elegance.

Learn her secrets for planning and putting on the perfect Halloween party.

Make an Easy Fall Wreath

fake crows fall leaves wreath
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
You'll be hard-pressed to find a reason not to make this wreath: it's quick and easy to make, uses inexpensive materials, lasts all season, doubles as a Halloween wreath with the addition of faux crows, and it looks fantastic on most doors.

Follow the step-by-step instructions with photos to make this wreath in less than two hours.

What is a Home Haunt or Halloween Yard Haunt?

picture of yard prop monster
Photo © Talon Warlok

Home haunts are the Halloween version of winter holiday and Christmas decorations festooning doors, entryways, windows, porches and yards. Learn the evolution of the Halloween yard haunt and DIY haunted houses in this article which features insight from haunted house experts Lynne and Shawn Mitchell, authors of How to Haunt Your House.

How to Make Fake Moss for Halloween Props

Photo © Lynn

How do you get your Halloween yard props to stand out and look more authentic without having to buy genuine antique and weathered tombstones, statues, pedestals, pillars and columns? Those fake tombstones you buy or make -- usually from foam -- can get some instant aging by applying faux moss made from common, everyday clothes-dryer lint.

Authors and designers Lynne and Shawn Mitchell share their "recipe" for faux moss in this fun and easy step-by-step Halloween project.

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