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Above-Ground Swimming Pool Designs, Shapes and Styles

A Photo Gallery of Above-Ground Pools


In the current economy, above-ground swimming pools are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Why? Above-ground pools and inflatable or portable models always have been less expensive than in-ground pools, a point that is not lost on pool shoppers and buyers. Other selling points: above-ground pools are a breeze to install compared to building an in-ground pool, many can be disassembled at the end of swim season, and that portability makes them good choices for renters or those who would like to take their pool with them when they move.

For the past couple of summers the concept of a "staycation" - staying close to home because of rising gas prices and an economy that's gone from bad to worse - has been embraced by more and more people, who often don't have any choice but to spend summer vacation at home. An above-ground pool can make that groan-worthy staycation a bit sweeter.

Enjoy this photo gallery of above-ground pools, some of which do great impersonations of in-ground models.

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above ground pool with wood deckingDecking Connectionabove ground pool private retreatBackyard Havenenclosed above ground poolFenced Inabove-ground pool san antonio texas wood pool deckAbove-Ground Pool in the Hills of San Antonio
round metal-frame above ground swimming poolA Round Abovepicture of above-ground pool in san antonioEnclosed Above-Ground Poolabove-ground pool with decorative side wallsSide Motifsagp go above-ground pool with deck surroundSan Antonio Deck Surround
family-friendly backyard with above-ground poolKid's Paradiseabove-ground swimming pool bexar county texasI Can't Believe it's Not In-Groundan above-ground pool designNeighborhood Poolretractable cover for poolRetractable Pool Cover
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