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A Picture Gallery of Above-Ground Pool Designs and Ideas
picture of above-ground pool in san antonio

An above-ground swimming pool with built-in deck.

Creating an enclosure for an above-ground swimming pool makes it a walled, fenced and gated backyard destination. Built on a platform with a surrounding deck, the pool area becomes a private paradise, especially if it includes container gardens, outdoor accessories and amenities, lounge chairs and other furniture. Making sure there is space for swimming needs (extra towels, cold beverages) allows swimmers and sunbathers to hang out at this backyard pool area for several hours, rather than having to go back and forth to the house to get supplies, food, etc.

High walls and a raised platform also give the pool owners privacy, which is something that most residential pool owners desire. This oval above-ground pool and large deck surround have a look of permanence, which is often not the case with above-grounds.

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