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Luxury Homes: Top 12 Luxurious Homes With Pools for 2012


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12 for '12: The Top 12 Luxury Homes and Pools for 2012
los feliz home and pool

A modern home and pool designed by Buff & Hensman.

Photo courtesy of realtor.com
Curiously, in times of economic recession, many of us enjoy seeing how the proverbial "other half" lives, although that other half is really more like way less than 1 percent of the population. Some of us look at these luxurious properties on the real estate market with envy, rabid enthusiasm, or a casual mix of something in between the two extremes. By whatever methods the elite managed to purchase or acquire these mansions -- through hard work, fame, family fortune, good looks, talent, or serendipity -- we can look at these places with a certain amount of amusement and an eye for inspiration.

The slideshows of many of these celebrity and extreme property listings begin with a view of the house and the swimming pool, because a pool is an enduring symbol of luxury. Plus, it just looks good. And inviting, like you want to go take a dip and lie in the sun on a lounge chair, like, right now.

Don't abandon those opulent dreams, and I hope we all get to sit by sparkling blue swimming pools, wherever they might be. Relax, breathe slowly and deeply, smile slightly, and enjoy this tour of 12 for '12: The Top 12 Luxury Homes and Pools for 2012.

The 12 pool-perfect homes are presented in no particular order. First up: Drake's Place

House and pool pictured above: the former Mid-century modern love nest of actors Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson.

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