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Diary of a Pool Project: Part 1 -- Busting Up the Backyard


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Building a Backyard Inground Swimming Pool
building a swimming pool

The truck is backed up to the driveway and the ramp is ready for a wheelbarrow to do most of the hauling of the existing concrete and soil.

Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor
Follow along through the many stages it takes to build a new in-ground swimming pool. From digging the big pit to the (hopefully) splashing result, you'll witness the various steps and stages involved in a complete backyard swimming pool project. Not a do-it-yourself project, this pool includes a landscape architect, licensed pool contractor, subcontractors and crew.

Taking the Plunge

When the Cornella family was in the planning stages for their backyard pool project for their Southern California home, city planners initially questioned the stability of the property, which is perched atop a slope. "I googled a satellite map of our neighborhood, and almost at every house you could see a blue spot in the shape of a pool," says homeowner David Cornella. "I showed it to them, and they agreed to start the permit process."

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