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How to Contact Above Ground Pool Manufacturers

The Names Behind the Above-Ground Swimming Pools


An above-ground swimming pool seems like a great idea, but where do you go to learn more about the different manufacturers?

The following is a frequently updated list of above-ground pool manufacturers. While above ground pools have seen a rise in popularity since the Great Recession, some manufacturers have had to close their doors because of the economy. If you already own an above-ground pool and have had difficulty tracking down the company or its website, it may have joined forces with or been acquired by another company. If you need help contacting a manufacturer, post a message in the Pool & Patio Forum.

Atlantic Pools

© Atlantic Pools

Atlantic started its operations in the 1930s, and after World War II, was one of the top manufacturers of above-ground pools. It currently features four lines of above-ground pools:

  1. Quality
  2. Classic
  3. Premium
  4. Specialty

Contact Information:

Trendium Pool Products
Toll Free: (877) 280-POOL (7665)
Phone: (905) 494-2270
Fax: (905) 458-7594

Alberca and Chois Pools

© Chois

Formerly sold as Advantage Pools, the Alberca is touted by Chois as the "Rolls Royce of soft-sided portable pools."

Contact information:
Phone:(877) 534-7665
Chois Pools USA
1335 N La Brea Ave., Ste. 2
Los Angeles CA 90028

Note on website: Chois Pools USA is not associated with the former Chois Pool company. All warranties on pools purchased before 2009 are with them. We will help you with any pool issues you may have, but we are not responsible for their warranties.

Aqua Leader

© Aqua Leader

Founded in 1975, Aqua Leader is located on the south shore of Montreal, Canada. In 1986, Aqua Leader invented synthetic resin above-ground pools. Aqua Leader is part of the Wilbar Group.</p><p>

Aqua Leader
7050 St-Patrick
La Salle (Québec)
H8N 1V2
Phone: 514-363-3599
Fax : 514-363-3643

Doughboy Pools

© Doughboy

Doughboy has been manufacturing above-ground - or "portable" swimming pools since 1954 and is one of the oldest above-ground companies still in existence. Located in Arkansas.

Intex Pools

© Intex

Intex makes five styles of above-ground swimming pools:

  1. Easy Set™ Pools
  2. Round Metal Frame Pools
  3. Oval Frame Pools
  4. Rectangular Frame Pools
  5. Round Ultra Frame Pools

Each Intex pool is made with Super-Tough™*, triple-ply sidewalls. The company also makes saltwater systems for its above-ground swimming pools

Contact Information
Website: www.intexcorp.com


© Sharkline

Sharkline, from Wilbar International, has been manufacturing above-ground pools and liners since 1961. The company began in the founder's basement, and is still owned and operated by the same family. All Sharkline pools are made in the company's 160,000 square foot facility in Long Island, New York.

Sharkline makes steel, aluminum and resin pools in 48-, 52- and 54-inch heights. The company also makes the frame and wall of every pool, as well as the liner, deck, fence and ladder systems.

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