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Readers Respond: Incandescent vs LED Holiday Lights: Should You Make the Switch?

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Are LED holiday lights worth the investment? For many, outdoor decorations and lighting are as much a part of the winter holidays as gift-giving and overeating. But how do LED light strands compare to incandescent lighting? Are they an expensive fad; a green and eco-friendly idea that the majority of holiday decorators will dismiss?

Here's the chance for you to sound off. Have you tried LEDs, seen the light and will never look back? Are you wanting to go green and become more eco-minded? Or, are you perfectly happy with incandescents? Why will you make the switch? Why won't you? We want to know!

Old School All the Way

LED lights look nowhere as good as good incandescent lighting. They do not have the same "pop" to them. If i kill the environment because I don't like LED Christmas lights, then so be it.
—Guest The Alex

Light quality is improving slowly

Incandescent bulbs still produce a softer, warmer glow than the harsh glare of LEDs. That's slowly improving as manufacturers learn to mimic the light quality of incandescents, but for now you can still tell the difference at a glance. Humans have evolved to respond to the warmth firelight, and to recoil from cold light in the blue spectrum.
—Guest Brutus


This topic is wonderful! I admire those who use LED lights. They can really help our environment, are long-lasting lights, attractive and elegant designs.
—Guest LED Accessories

The Pop of LEDs

Most definitley going green with LED, however some customers do not want the cost upfront or like the (pop) of LEDs!
—Guest BHD Construction

Go Green, but not blue

The blue LED lights don't last. I've been doing LED lights for several years, and each year I spend part of a day replacing burnt out LED's on all my strings. I buy a few strings each year for spare bulbs. Other colors last longer.
—Guest Rob

Thrilled with LED lights

I used to be the grinch walking around the house shutting off Christmas lights because of the energy consumption (I discovered that my wife calls me 'the energy Nazi"!) When LED lights first became available, I jumped on them and we've been gradually replacing all our old strands with the after-Christmas sales. Though the LEDs themselves last nearly forever, most of the sockets & strings still suffer from the same old problems and the amount of time searching for bad connections has decreased only slightly after a few years of storage. But otherwise, I love 'em. It's been great to see the prices coming down over the past couple years too. But glad I didn't wait. :)
—Guest Tim

I Love My Old Lights!

I know everyone says the LED lights are the way to go. But through the years I have bought lights that I love, like bubble lights and lights with Santa faces. I wonder if the old fixtures could somehow attach to the new LED lights. Does anyone know?
—Guest jewelcoffee

Better on the Environment

It is important to save money and save the environment. LED light technology uses so much less electricity and I personally think they look better too. We are thrilled to do our part in this time of conservation. Keep as green as can be. Go LED.
—Guest Guest Roman

Go Unlighted

We moved to a new house with a very tall roofline. We've decided that rather than risk life and limb on a ladder and electricity even with LED lights, that we just put a couple of large felt bows on our carriage lights on either side of the garage and a wreath on the door. Our house looks festive enough and we save money and safety risks. Not that I mind looking at everybody else's lights!
—Guest WB

We're finally doing lights!

Thank goodness for LED lights! As an energy conscious, two-Prius family, we've never done holiday lights because of the environmental impact. As soon as LED lights came out a couple of years ago, we've been buying them...and this year I hope we'll invest in icicles. All the fun of pretty lights, and none of the guilt! Thanks for your thorough list of reasons why LEDs are better. I hope this will encourage more readers to make the switch!
—Guest Linda

Switch, there are too many reasons.

Sure, the LEDs are not always the deal. But in long run it will be, no doubt. Home Depot, though, had program to promote 50% off for any LED strings if you give up your old traditional lights. I have some facts in the article that can convince you to do that swap.
—Guest Digart

Go Green. I Choose LED Holiday Lights!

I'm really thrilled with the LED holiday lights I bought, and I have decided to get rid of our older kind, the incandescent lights. We got some thru a local exchange program and I bought some at Target today during the Black Friday sale. Icicle lights for $5- LED lights! I love that my family is doing something to help the environment and cutting back on our energy bill. I will be spreading the word to my friends!
—Guest DIYTrish

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